You Can Ride 2 depends on our amazing volunteers to run our events. Furthermore, participating families who volunteer can qualify to have some of their fees reduced or refunded.

All volunteers must complete a confidentiality agreement prior to their shift. Certain positions may require a background check.

Upcoming Events

Our upcoming major events are:

Due to COVID-19, we will be running this year’s Try A Bike Days differently and will not be opening volunteer opportunities to the public.

March 13, 2021First Bike Fitting

April 17 & April 18, 2021Second Bike Fitting

Volunteer opportunities for the Fall Bike Return (tentatively late September) will be posted later in the year.

You can follow any of these links to sign up.

Volunteer Roles & Skills

We appreciate anyone willing to spend the time to assist with You Can Ride 2. Certain roles, however, need specific skills, and are always needed.


Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, or similar trained professionals assess a child’s needs and how a bike can fit into their lives. Students working towards degrees in the field can also serve this role, under the direction of a professional therapist.

Experience working with adaptive bikes is an asset, but isn’t required to help.

We do offer occasional courses on Adaptive Cycling for Therapists. These will be announced here and on social media.


Mechanics maintain, repair, tune, and adapt our fleet of adaptive bicycles, and consult with therapists on coming up with more ‘creative’ solutions should they be required.

While we specifically look for experience with repairing, building, or modifying bicycles, a wide range of mechanical or technical skills can qualify you as a mechanic. No experience with special-needs children is required.

You don’t need your own tools – we have multiple workstations with all of the tools needed to run a professional bike shop.


You Can Ride 2 is more than just therapists and mechanics. Our events have many places where any person can assist. The roles vary from event to event, but some common ones are:

As events unfold during the year, other opportunities may show up as well.


If you can’t make it in to one of our events, you can still volunteer! Here are some ways you can help You Can Ride 2 from home or on other days.

And that’s not all – we’re always open to suggestions from people willing to volunteer in ways beyond those described here. If you think you can help out in another way, contact us and we’ll see about making it work.

If you have any questions, you can always feel free to contact info@youcanride2.ca.