Borrow a Bike

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Our “Borrow a Bike” program was created to allow families to borrow an adaptive bicycle without the full expense. We have nearly 200 adaptive bikes, trikes, and hand cycles in our loan pool, most of which cost between $1000-$5000, however, some of our individual modifications (e.g., power assist wheel) can add over $1000 to the cost of the bike. Every bike receives a yearly mechanical inspection and is modified each year to best suit the needs of the child borrowing it. For a full description of each of our bikes, please see our bike catalogue.

Important dates for 2021

All dates for 2021 are dependent upon the state of COVID-19 in Edmonton, and are subject to change.

Registration opens – January 3, 2021 at 12:00 noon

Try A Bike Days – January 29, January 30, and February 1.

Bike Fitting Days – March 13, April 17, and April 18.

Walk & Roll Fundraiser Event – Late June / Early July (exact dates TBA)

Fall Bike Return – October 2021 (exact date TBA)

Borrowing a Bike

Who can access the program?

*assistance with transportation may be available in certain circumstances.

What do I have to do to register?

What style of bike will my child receive?

Do we get to keep the bike?

No. However, you can borrow a bike for as short as one season, or for the entire year (with the option to renew annually), as long as it takes for your child to outgrow it (until your child turns 20). Once the bike is outgrown, or if you choose a different style of bike, you will need to re-register as a new participant.

NOTE: ALL bikes MUST to be brought in yearly for inspection/maintenance.

What is the cost to borrow a bike?

The cost depends on whether you are borrowing for a season or annually.

Seasonal Rentals
Annual Rentals

Families experiencing financial difficulty can apply for a full or partial sponsorship.

Why are you asking for so much time and money? 

Over 2,500 volunteer hours and $50,000 are required to run the Borrow a Bike program each year. By sharing four hours of your time and helping us fundraise, the cost for you to borrow a bike is only $25 per season. Considering most of the bikes in our program are worth between $1,000 – $8,000, this is an excellent deal! In addition, we offer the following value added services:

IMPORTANT: You Can Ride 2 is not funded by Goodwill.  We can only offer the program if we have enough volunteers and funding to cover all of our operational expenses. 

What if I can’t afford to borrow a bike?

We have funding to support a limited number of families that need financial assistance (based on CRA guidelines). Some other ideas to help offset your costs:

Eligibility Questions

  1. I live in an apartment.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    • If you can store the bike indoors in a secure area, you are eligible to borrow a bike.  
  2. I can’t attend either of the fitting events.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    • Only two fitting events are scheduled.  If you miss them, you will have to wait until next year.
  3. I do not live in Edmonton/ surrounding area.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    • Depending on your distance from Edmonton- possibly.  We are currently accepting children living within 200 km of Edmonton according to Google maps.
  4. I am fostering a child with special needs.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    • Yes, however it will be necessary for the social worker to sign the waiver form.
  5. My child is 21.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    • We are only accepting children that are 20 or under at this point in time.  However, if we have large bikes left over at the end of the second fitting day, we may open registration up.  Please contact us.
  6. I am not sure if my child has a regular therapist. Why is this important and if I don’t have one, can I still borrow a bike?
    • Having a therapist make the referral and explain some of your child’s physical needs saves volunteer time and allows us to support more kids.  It also allows us to take your long term cycling goals into consideration when we are assigning a bike. School therapists, private therapists (e.g., Specialized Services), and Glenrose or Stollery therapists are all acceptable referral sources. If you don’t have a therapist, contact
  7. Is there an income cutoff to borrow a bike?
    • No. One of the goals of our loan pool is to allow families the necessary time to trial an adapted bicycle before purchasing one.  We hope that families for whom it is not a problem to spend $2000-$5000 on a new bike will consider donating them to our loan pool after their child outgrows them.