About Us

Our Story: A short telling of You Can Ride 2’s beginnings and history

Our Vision

To help people with disabilities achieve joy and freedom through mobility

Our Mission

Our mission is centered around the principles of research, inclusion, development, and education (RIDE).

Our Achievements

Since we started in 2003, You Can Ride 2 has come a long way in achieving our goals- thanks mainly to our amazing volunteers, families, sponsors, and partners.

Number of Bikes Loaned out

2020: 152 children supported*
2019: 115 children supported
2018: 138 children supported
2017: 156 children supported
2016: 122 children supported
2015: 105 children supported
2014: 84 children supported
2013: 46 Children supported

* In 2020, we continued to distribute bikes during the COVID-19 pandemic, with strict infection control and social distance measures in place. Despite these challenges, we exceeded our predicted 140-150 bikes loaned out.

Program Awards and Grants