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We’d like to share a story from one of our participating families with you. Sometimes, as children grow older, or their abilities change the style of bike that works for them changes too. With many years of experience matching children to bikes, You Can Ride 2 has determined that the Duet Bike is the bike of choice that will allow this youngster the opportunity to continue riding a bike! This holiday season, please help us raise $10,000 to purchase our first ever Duet Bike.

As the parent of a child with severe disabilities, I can share with you that while it is a vital part of healthy family experiences, recreation can be extremely difficult.  From various surgeries, recovery periods, endless therapy, to financial challenges, sometimes getting out can be the last thing on the list.  

My son has been part of the You Can Ride 2 bike program for many years.  At the age of 5, he suffered a severe stroke that left him with significant disabilities.  He lost most of his motor skills, his ability to speak verbally, to eat normally, and to participate in many of the activities he loves.  Over the years, he has had numerous surgeries and spent countless hours in therapy.  You Can Ride 2 has been a fantastic program that allows my son to participate and socialize with family and friends.  He has enjoyed bike rides with his brothers and found a way to connect with other kids in the neighborhood.  His bike has also helped him to strengthen his muscles and improve his core strength.  Unfortunately the bike he is currently borrowing has become extremely difficult for him to use.  In the last 3 years, he has had significant difficulties with his hips and back, and has lost the ability to ride his bike safely.  He is currently waiting for yet another big surgery to correct the scoliosis in his back, and faces a long recovery period after.  Due to his significant discomfort we have been unable to participate in activities we previously enjoyed, including bike rides.  Having access to a Duet bike would allow my son to once again experience the thrill of being included, to get outside and enjoy a summer day, and to feel free of his limitations for a while.  

A Duet bike will be a truly wonderful investment in quality of life for many children and families.  It allows inclusion for any ability level, provides safe and supported seating, and allows for safe and comfortable transfers for individuals with physical challenges and their caregivers.  We look forward to the opportunity to enjoy bike riding once again. 

Join countless other committed donors – help YCR2 ensure all kiddos experience the joy and freedom of cycling.  Please donate today

Duet Bike