Kai’s New Bike – E-Bike Project 2021

In 2021, You Can Ride 2 modified a bike for a young boy, named Kai, to include an electric motor which would last for years to come. Check out the video below!

Kai’s New Bike Video on YouTube

Kai has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3 which affects his shoulders and legs and makes riding a bicycle for long distances challenging.

Upon initially meeting with Kai, therapists at You Can Ride 2 recommended the family purchase a recumbent tricycle which would help with riding stamina and ease. Kai’s family purchased the TerraTrike GT pictured below.

TerraTrike GT from website: https://www.terratrike.com/product/gran-tourismo-mango/

YCR2 worked with a company called Grin Technologies to order an electric hub motor for Kai’s bike. The staff there were well-versed and suggested a electric motor kit with accessories which would best fit Kai’s needs. Big shoutout to Nicole for answering all our questions and matching us with a kit based on our measurements!

From there, it was onto assembly! Our staff and volunteers got to work to retrofit the bike with the new electric motor parts. Check out a few setup videos and an overview of the final product below!

E-bike Build Time-lapse Video 1
E-bike Build Time-lapse Video 2
E-bike Speed Setup Video

YCR2 E-Bike Showcase

Presenting the finished project to Kai and his family was a real treat. Check out their reactions in the videos below:

Presenting Kai’s Bike 1/2
Presenting Kai’s Bike 2/2

This project was made possible by the kind donation from our sponsor Chris Brown from CPC Mechanical. We hope to do more projects like this in the future!

If you would like to sponsor a project or make a donation to You Can Ride 2, please see our donations page!