#YCR2AcrossCanada Takes a Tour of Quebec!

Isaac and Jacob took some side roads from Ottawa to end up in Montreal in early September where they dined on some bagels and authentic poutine. And although it took a while to get through the big city, the bike paths were really nice.

From Montreal to Quebec City, Isaac and Jacob took “The Green Route” – a piece of biking infrastructure which actually connects thousands of kilometers of bike trails from one end of the province to the other. The high-quality shoulders and separate bike paths made for the “best bike riding of the trip so far”. They saw plenty of other cyclists on their way and made a stop by a local brewery.

Photos of “The Green Route”

Timing unfortunately got in the way of their visit to the Trivel headquarters located in Repentigny as they were passing through on a weekend. Trivel is a leading manufacturer of adaptive tricycles and has been around for more than 25 years. You may notice quite a few of Trivel’s tricycles in YCR2’s fleet of reliable adaptive bikes!

They saw some major attractions in Quebec City like “Le Château Frontenac” – a beautiful and massive hotel which stands on the top of the St. Lawrence River valley and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As they were planning to take the ferry from the north side of Trois-Rivières to the south, they noticed ferry staff had actually been on strike for 3 days. This led to one of the scariest and most dangerous parts of the trip where they had to bike across a 7km bridge with no shoulder in the rain! They were yelled at by angry drivers speeding past at the 110km/h speed limit. Not fun! We are happy they made it across safely!

Looking back at it, Isaac and Jacob reminisced about the great food they had during their short stay in Quebec. Taking a look at these pictures, the feeling of nostalgia is totally understandable.

On to New Brunswick next!