#YCR2AcrossCanada in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Cypress Hills-Last Alberta stop

Isaac and Jacob rolled through Cypress Hills, Alberta before heading on to Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  Unfortunately (and somewhat ironically), as they rode into Regina, Kent Windsor, their physiotherapist contact at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, was on a cycling trip in no other than Cypress Hills!  Kent has been coordinating an adaptive cycling loan pool at Wascana for the past 15 years and we were looking forward to hearing about this program.   Stay tuned for Kent’s write up!

Riding into Yorkton

From Regina, Isaac and Jacob headed to Yorkton, Saskatchewan and on to Dauphin, Manitoba.  The second Manitoba stop was beautiful Riding Mountain National Park.  This was the start of a bit of a rest for Isaac and Jacob in Winnipeg, Manitoba where they stopped to visit family for a few days.  During their time there, they were able to tour 2 other programs that support and promote adaptive cycling.  The first was the Freedom Concepts manufacturing center. 

Freedom Concepts, Winnipeg

Having both just finished a university degree in engineering, they were excited to meet with the lead engineer and ask questions about the design and manufacturing process.  Here is some of what they learned:

Isaac and Jacob noted that the Freedom Concepts team is super flexible with their custom work-arounds and are willing to go out of their way to get bikes that fit kids perfectly.  

Rehabilitation Centre for Children and some of the bikes funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation

Their second tour was with of the LIFE program at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC) in Winnipeg.  This is a therapeutic recreation and equipment loan program (including bikes) for children and youth with disabilities.  The LIFE program and bikes for short-term loan are funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation (CRF).  You can see some of the CRF funded bikes in the above photo. Families can borrow bikes for three weeks at a time.  Bikes are recommended by a therapist based at RCC or the child’s school.  Once an appropriate bike has been determined for a child, the therapist can apply to the CRF to purchase a custom built bike for the child to use on a long term basis.  Additionally, the Foundation funds a bike clinic which enables RCC clients to have commercially bought bikes modified for their use.

On their tour, Isaac and Jacob got to see their staging room where bikes that RCC had completed were being held, and were able to meet with some of the engineers and therapists that make this program possible.  Much of the work done at RCC takes existing bikes and further modifies or customizes them to meet the needs of each child.  As this is what You Can Ride 2 strives to do, it was truly inspiring to be able to see such an established workspace in action.

Some of the equipment that they have include a CNC milling machine, a 3D scanner and printer, a bending machine, and a welder.  They are also able to upholster and paint on site.  Team consists of 3 technicians (welder, painter, upholstery), quite a few electrical and mechanical engineers (who work on brackets, electric bike projects, etc.) and therapists.

The fabrication space at RCC- where magic happens!

Here is some of what they learned:

A huge thanks goes out to Carol Kehler, physiotherapist, for arranging this tour!