Wish List


Our two-wheeled program has been running for almost 15 years and our adapted bike program is in it’s fifth year thanks to the support of dedicated volunteers. For information on donating your time, expertise, equipment or funds to keep our program growing, please contact us. Every little bit counts!

We need help in the following areas:

1.  Funding.  

We are looking for companies willing to help cover our programming costs.  There are quite a few grants that will allow us to purchase equipment, but without solving our storage issue, we simply cannot purchase more bikes.  In addition, without the funds to pay a mechanic to maintain the bikes or someone to coordinate the programs and volunteers, it is not possible to offer our programs.

2. Volunteers.  

We have many volunteer opportunities available at our events.   Team volunteering days can be arranged.  Additional opportunities include:


Volunteers from the Beverly Optimist club help at our bike return event

  • a videographer to help us create “how to” videos
  • an expert in plastics or someone who can make sandwich boards
  • an editor (or similar) to review and revise new materials
  • someone who can help us with website maintenance and improvement
  • someone who can assist with sewing or re-upholstering (e.g., hand supports, back rests etc.)
  • individuals with mechanical expertise to help with maintenance and modifications
  • individuals who can help with welding

3. Development.

We are always looking for people to join our team that are interested in furthering research in adaptive cycling.  Student projects can be arranged and we often have resources or funding that we put aside to help make innovation possible.