Borrow A Bike Volunteers

Borrow a bike volunteers

There are so many people that have helped us make this program what it is today!  Meet our team of professionals!


Therapy team- fittings

  • Krista Ball (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Carla Brown (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Cheryl Budziszyn (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Angie Lorentz (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Lucia Chen (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Theresa Donauer (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Deborah Dong (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Shauna Dowson (adapted phys-ed consultant)
  • Laura Dumas (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Lucy Faulkner (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Rod Giacchetta (physiotherapist)
  • Jennifer Glumpak (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Kendra Gratzfeld (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Eryn Groft (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Janine Halayko (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Melanie Harris (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Heather Hay-Burrows (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Bonnie Ho-Forwick (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Elisa Lacey (adapted phs-ed consultant)
  • Mina Lee (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Barbara Lopetinski (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Trent Magis (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Karla Millar (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Patt Nearingburg (adapted phys-ed consultant)
  • Signe Peake (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Misbah Qureshi (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Carrie Riddle (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Susan Rogerson (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Julie Russell (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Tanya Skitsko (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Michelle Spadafora (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Debbie Steward (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Kelsey Switzer (paediatric physiotherapist)
  • Leanne Ta (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Holly Thompson (paediatric physiotherapist)
  • Tracy Urquhart (pediatric occupational therapist)
  • Sarah Valente (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Shazia Virani (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Taunya Wirzba (pediatric physiotherapist)
  • Melanie Worth (pediatric physiotherapist)

Mechanic team

    • John Collier (mechanic, designer)
    • Jason Halayko (engineer)
    • Jim Harrott (machinist)
    • Jan Przyzniak (mechanic)



  • Kent McPhee (computers and photography)