Loan Pool

Who is eligible to borrow a bike?

  • Children with a diagnosis that makes riding standard bicycles difficult.  (NOTE: children who could ride a bicycle with training wheels are not eligible).
  • Ages 3-20
  • Lives in Edmonton and surrounding areas (within 200 km of Edmonton  according to Google maps)
  • Families must be able to transport the bikes to and from fitting/ return days and have a space to safely store the bicycle (indoors only).
  • Parents MUST be able to: store the bike in a dry, secure location; arrange for pickup and return of the bicycle on the specified days*; and participate in a yearly survey


How do we register?

  • go to our Registration Page to register
  • Therapist referrals (OT/PT/ APE) are required for a child to borrow a bike; an email will be sent once parents register.
  • If you do not have a therapist working with your child, please contact us.


What is the process?

  • Registration by parents/ guardians (bikes are assigned based on the order registration is received)
  • Referral completed by therapist
  • If we have a bike that meets your child’s needs, you will be notified by early March and invited to make an appointment to attend a fitting day (March 2, 2019 and April 6, 2019)
  • Bikes are assigned based on information provided and fit to your child by a team of therapists and mechanics
  • You will be taking the bike home following the fitting day.

What is the cost?

  • A maximum of $400 per season.
  • $25 administration fee +$100 refundable deposit +a $75 rental fee (or 4 hour volunteer commitment)+ $200 fundraising deposit is required.
  • For qualifying families, we are looking for sponsors to cover the cost of the deposit, fundraising and administration fees.  You must register for this and are still required to complete a volunteer commitment in place of the $75 rental fee.


How long do we get to keep the bike?

  • You can borrow a bike for as short as one season or as long as it takes for your child to outgrow it (or until your child turns 20). Once the bike is outgrown, or if you choose a different style of bike, you will need to re-register as a new participant.
    NOTE: ALL bikes will still need to be brought in yearly for inspection/maintenance. If you opt to store the bike at the Impact Centre over the winter, it must be returned at Fall Return event. While this bike may be loaned out for the winter season to another family, you are guaranteed to get the same bike returned to you at the Spring Fitting.

Further information can be found under frequently asked questions.