Bike Pickups are Still Possible!

You Can Ride 2 is moving forward with providing bikes for YCR2 children despite the extra challenges that we’re all facing with the pandemic. We will be following the health guidelines set out by our governments and will be taking extra precautions moving forward to help keep us all safe. Due to the changing conditions, the following will provide an outline of how and when the program will be proceeding. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Bike Pickups with Social Distance

Here is how we will be running bike pickups, in order to best keep you and your family safe while still being able to get you the bike you need.

  1. We will still be distributing bikes out of the Goodwill Impact Centre (11415-168 St.) through the door under the blue sign that reads “Community Engagement Centre” next door to the Donation Centre. The Impact Center itself is closed, so observing social distance in the parking lot will be easy.
  2. Our bikes have already been set up based on the recommendations from parents and therapists. A very small number of bikes will be set up quite far apart from each other in the room, wiped down with Lysol and left completely untouched for 4 days, which is longer than the current estimate of how long the virus can linger on metal.
  3. We will serve one family at a time. We ask that parent(s) arrive individually, without their child. There will be only one other person present – Brian, our program coordinator – and he will maintain a safe distance from you and the bikes.
  4. If you have any paperwork or cheques to drop off, they will be verified and collected in a dropbox, again while observing social distancing.
  5. You will be responsible for loading the bike in your vehicle on your own. You can bring family to help, but only one of you will be allowed in the Impact Center at any one time. 
  6. Before serving any family, we will make sure any common surface is properly sanitized.

We believe that this method will allow parents to retrieve their bike in a state where it, effectively, has not been touched by anyone except those in their immediate family, all while observing proper social distance.

We will not be conducting in-person fittings or modifications at these events. Please do not bring your child with you, if at all possible. If you must bring your child with you, please leave them in your vehicle – it should only take a few minutes to retrieve your bike.

Remote Fittings

We do still require a therapist to inspect the bike for proper fit and function with your child and current Alberta Health Services and professional college guidelines require us to do so remotely. If you have been asked to arrange a “remote fitting”, here’s what to expect.

  1. We will contact you after you pick up the bike with a sign-up link for a remote fitting appointment. This appointment is an online meeting between you, a volunteer therapist, and our mechanic.
  2. We will conduct the meeting one of many free videoconferencing platforms (Facetime, Zoom, etc.) at your scheduled time. Please be prepared to film your child in motion on their bike; if this is not possible, you may have to record a video file in advance.
  3. Our therapist and mechanic will guide you through anything you need to know about the bike and its adjustment to fit your child’s needs.

All told, these fittings should not take long to complete.

This is still a requirement to participate in the program, as it directly impacts the safety of your child. If you need a remote fitting, and do not have your remote fitting scheduled by May 30th, you forfeit your deposit and must return the bike. If you expect problems with the remote fitting process, please contact as soon as possible.

No penalty for withdrawing

We also understand that some families circumstances may have changed, and they may no longer wish to borrow a bike. This includes if you foresee problems with the approach outlined here.

If this is the case, please contact to let us know you wish to withdraw. There’s no penalty for doing so, but if you change your mind later, you’ll have to re-register again (and we can’t guarantee we will still have your bike).

To pick up your bike:

The short summary:

Stay healthy, and if you have any further questions, please contact

~The You Can Ride 2 Lead Team