Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who can access the program?
    1. Any child between the age of 3 and 18 who lives within 1.5 hours of Edmonton(according to Google maps)
    2. Must have a medical diagnosis and/or be unable to ride a standard bicycle (e.g., too big for or unable to pedal a standard bike with training wheels).
    3. All children must have a referral from a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Adapted Physical Education Consultant. If your child is not involved with any of these professionals, please contact us.
  2. Parents MUST be able to:
    1. Store the bike in a dry, secure
    2. Arrange for pick-up and return of the bicycle on the specified days.
    3. Participate in a short survey at the end of the program


  1. What do I have to do to register?
    1. Go to the registration page.  Registration opens at the beginning of January, and we recommend you sign up for our Email List to be notified when registration opens, as early registration will help ensure you receive a bike.
  2. What kind of bikes/ adaptations do you have in the program?
    1. We have approximately 150 adaptive bicycles in different styles and levels of support.
    2. We have backrests, footrests, hand supports, harnesses and parent pull bars.
    3. We have very skilled mechanics helping therapists to fit the bikes to your child.
  3. What bike will we get?
    1. A bike will be assigned based on your child’s needs, your preferences and the needs of the rest of the group. We do not typically lend out highly supportive bikes (e.g. Riftons/ Freedom Concepts) to children who are able to transfer independently as this would mean another child would need to go without. However, if you have a strong justification for which bike your child should be assigned, please take time to fill out the application thoroughly and use the Try a Bike Day on March 6, 2017 to gather and share as much information as possible.


  1. When do I find out if my child has been assigned a bicycle?
    1. After you register and your therapist completes the referral, your child will tentatively be assigned a bike.
    2. You, your child and your referring therapist will be invited to make an appointment at the Try a Bike Day (March 6, 2017) to try this bike. This will run from 12pm-6:30pm.
    3. You will find out the week following Try a Bike Day if we have successfully matched your child with a bike
  2. When can I take the bike home?
    1. There will be two fitting days in 2017: March 12 and April 8. In most cases, families bring the bike home on the day of the fitting. If you cannot come on the date you are assigned, you risk not getting the bike that works best for your child.
    2. Due to the incredible volunteer commitment needed to run fitting days, absolutely no fittings will be held outside these two dates.


  1. Where is the Try a Bike day and the Fitting days?
    1. Thanks a new partnership (details coming soon!), our new location is at 11415-168 Street. All events will now be held at this facility.


  1. How much does it cost to borrow a bike?
    1. The cost to families is between $0 and $175 each year:
    2. $100 refundable equipment deposit. This is due before you take the bike bike. A refund is mailed out after the equipment is returned, but not immediately as other demands of the program need to be completed first. Thanks to a partnership with KidSport, you can also apply to have the $100 fee waived if you meet their income cutoffs.
    3. $75 rental fee. All rental fees are due before you take a bike. If you fulfill a 4-5 hour volunteer commitment, the rental fee will be refunded to you. Volunteer opportunities can be found here: https://www.volunteersignup.org/JHBFQ
    4. Each time you return the bike you will be asked if you want any portion of your deposit to go back to help cover the cost of running the program. Most of the loaner bikes cost between $1000 and $4000 and can be adjusted for 1-4 years of growth. The cost savings to families are huge. As an example, if you are borrowing a Freedom Concepts bike and paid $175 each year for 16 years, you would still not cover the cost of one bike. Donations are optional and will not affect your eligibility to borrow.
    5. The cost to the program of maintaining and adapting our fleet is ~ $250/ bike each year. Certain sponsors cover these costs and you will see license plates on those bikes that have been sponso Running this program costs thousands of dollars and we appreciate your help to thank our sponsors for making this program possible.
  2. How can I make sure I get the best bike for my child?
    1. There is no guarantee of getting the exact bike you want, but registering as early as early as possible will give you the greatest chance of getting the bike you want as all bikes are loaned out based on when registration is received.
    2. Attend the Try a Bike Day. This is mandatory. If you do not attend the Try a Bike Day, your spot in line will be bumped behind all those that do attend and you risk not getting a bike.
  3. How does the program work? Are you paid?
    1. The lead team, therapists, greeters, inventory managers, and all but one of the mechanics for the program are volunteers. You Can Ride 2 has two paid staff (a part time head mechanic and a part time program coordinator). Around 90 volunteers (and over 2000 volunteer hours) keep the program running each year. The cost of running the program is paid entirely for through grants, community support and donations. If you feel like this is a worthwhile service, please consider donating to the program or advocating for a donation from a local business or service group.
  4. How can I get updates?
    1. Follow YouCanRide2 on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/youcanride2/ ,
    2. Follow @YouCanRideTwo on Twitter
    3. Follow @youcanride2 on Instagram
    4. Sign up for our newsletter.
    5. You can also check the website (youcanride2.ca).



  1. Do you accept bike donations to your program?
    1. At this point in time, we are very short of storage space, so are only able to accept bikes that are in high demand (e.g. 16″ adapted bikes, Riftons, Freedom Concepts, Trivels and similar brands).  The Brick Sport Central is one of our partners and would love any other bikes that don’t meet the needs of our program.
  2. I saw a bike online that I’d love my child to try.  Can you bring in other styles of bikes?
    1. If you are willing to obtain a quote from the company and forward it to us (please include the cost of shipping as well), we will certainly consider it!  We are hoping to obtain several different styles for families to try.


  1. My child is borrowing a bike at the Does he/she get to keep it for the summer?
    1. The school rental period runs until the end of February, and the home rental period runs from the fitting days (March 12, April 8) until Fall 2017 (return date to be announced). Bikes are all returned and inspected between borrowing seasons and provided a mechanical tune-up as needed. Your child getting the same bike depends on when you register (i.e., your place in line) and who else is requesting a similar bike.
  2. Do you offer courses on how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle?
    1. Our Edmonton course runs for 7 weeks starting on the last Thursday in April. Your child needs to be 8 or older and be reasonably confident with pedaling, steering and stopping. They will also need their own two-wheeled bicycle. If your long term goal for your child is 2-wheeled cycling, please let your therapist know as this may affect what bike progression is recommended. Registration for the Learn to Ride course will also open on January 8, 2017 at noon. 
  3. I can’t attend the Try a Bike day.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    1. It depends on when you register, what bike your child needs and what bikes are needed by other children.   We operate on a first come, first served system and the Try a Bike Day is a way to help us figure out what size and style of bike will be appropriate for your child as well as provide information to the therapists assisting with this process.  Should you be unable to attend, you will be placed in queue after each child that did attend, regardless of your registration time.
  4. I can’t attend the fitting day I was assigned to.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    1. We will assign you another fitting day, however, we may not have the same bike available at a later date if it ends up working for another child that does make their fitting day.
  5. I live in an apartment.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    1. If you can store the bike indoors in a secure area, you are eligible to borrow a bike.  We are working with the U of A engineering department and some amazing mechanics and designers to see if a modular or folding system is feasible.
  6. I do not live in Edmonton/ surrounding area.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    1. Depending on your distance from Edmonton- possibly.  We are currently accepting children living within 2 hours of Edmonton according to google maps.
  7. I am fostering a child with special needs.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    1. Yes, however it will be necessary for the social worker to sign the waiver form.
  8. My child is 19.  Can I still borrow a bike?
    1. We are only accepting children that are 18 or under at this point in time.  However, if we have large bikes left over at the end of the second fitting day, we may open registration up.  Please contact us.
  9. Is there an income cutoff?
    1.  One of the goals of our loan pool is to allow families the necessary time to trial an adapted bicycle before purchasing one.  We hope that families for whom it is not a problem to spend the $2000-$5000 required to purchase some of these bikes will consider donating them to our loan pool after their child outgrows them.
  10. Why does my therapist need to make the referral?
    1. Bike fittings are all done by volunteer paediatric physical and occupational therapists as well as by volunteer bicycle mechanics.  Having a therapist make the referral and explain some of your child’s physical needs saves volunteer time and allows us to support more kids.  It also allows us to take your long term cycling goals into consideration when we are assigning a bike.
  11. What if I do not have a therapist that works with my child?
    1. If your child has a diagnosis but you do not have a therapist that works with your family at home or at school, please indicate “Unknown” in who referred you to the program and YCR2@edmontonbikes.ca under email address.  This will allow you to put your name in the queue while we work with you to figure out another appropriate referral source.  ALL children MUST be referred by someone who knows your child.

Please note:

★ Our policies are in place to make our organization usable and sustainable, and may change as the program grows. Not following program guidelines may result in ineligibility for future borrowing.



More questions?


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